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Everyday life is filled with risks. Knowing exactly how you’d be affected by certain insurable events means you can put the right steps in place to ease the potential impact for you, your family and your finances. We’re here to help you identify your personal insurance needs and then use our extensive adviser network to bring you the very best products at the right price.

Life Insurance

Life insurance protects the future lifestyle of your family and loved ones if you were to die prematurely. There are two mains things to consider: (1) initially clearing any outstanding debts and final expenses; and (2) securing a replacement income stream for your spouse and dependants for a pre-determined time period. Life cover is designed to pay a lump sum if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Insite Life Insurance
Insite Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover pays you a lump sum if you suffer a critical illness, making it easier to cope with the changes to your lifestyle, family and work. It helps you survive financially while you take the time you need to recover. Given tragedy can strike both the young and old, some policies also include automatic trauma cover for each of your children.

Total Permanent Disability Cover

In cases of critical illness or injury, it’s possible you may never be able to return to work. Total Permanent Disablement cover can help you pay off long-term debts (such as your mortgage), preserve your lifestyle and secure your family’s future. It provides a lump sum in the event of total permanent disablement through accident or illness.

Insite Total Disability Cover
Insite Health Insurance

Health Cover

Health Insurance gives you greater choice and more immediate attention when you need hospital care or an operation. Specialist and diagnostic testing is an upgrade to major medical products, which also covers you for access to medical specialists and related tests.

Income Protection

Your ability to earn an income is the key to maintaining the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to establish. Income Protection provides you with a monthly payment if you’re unable to work due to sickness or injury.

Insite Income Protection Insurance
Insite Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Replacement cover can provide you with monthly payments to cover your mortgage repayments on your behalf, if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

Key Person Cover

What would happen if you, or another key person ion your business, was unable to work due to sickness or injury? Key Person cover provides your business with a monthly payment to help employ another person/or persons to replace you, ensuring the continuity of your business.

Insite Key Person Cover
Insite Funeral Plan

Funeral Plan

As its name suggests a Funeral Plan protects your family from the financial burden of funeral arrangements when your time comes, making a difficult time a little easier.

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